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Each maker is different and so are their terms.
Please check product listings carefully for individual shipping terms.

The beauty of our service is that we create the direct link between you and the cider makers of Australia. When you buy your craft cider through our marketplace you:
Support local communities by supporting Australian businesses.
Help craft cider makers earn higher margins than they do in traditional retail.
Have lower impact on the environment than buying through traditional retail. Your cider travels fewer kilometres so leaves a smaller footprint.

How do our sellers charge for shipping?

In a true marketplace fashion our sellers are situated all across Australia so shipping costs and carriers will vary accordingly. Some sellers prefer to offer flat rate across the country while others base their pricing on your location. Please check each individual seller’s listing for details.

If you purchase more than one box or carton per seller, lower combined shipping rates may apply. If you feel the information provided in the product listing is not complete please contact us at hello@theciderlink.com.au and we will help you out!

How long will your delivery take?

The delivery time will vary depending on the distance it needs to travel and the cider maker’s delivery arrangements. Some are located in remote areas and some send deliveries once or twice per week. Please refer to the delivery section for each individual product listing for full details.

What will happen if you are not at home when the postman arrives?

Some makers use Australia Post while others use courier services. Each carrier will inform you on the available options to get your item re-delivered. To avoid missing the postman during working hours it may be a good idea to list your work address as your main delivery address. This can be easily done here.

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