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Lost Pippin Mixed Case- a superb range of modern ciders

So what's in the box?

8 x Wild

Traditional and modern techniques combine in a unique dry to medium style. We choose the most astringent varieties of dessert apple varieties and allow skin contact and oxidisation before a long slow ferment to exacerbate bitterness and fullness of body. Two separate ferments, one completely wild, without the addition of cultured yeast, and one inoculated with beer yeast, are blended balancing the fresh and the funk. Allowed to naturally proceed through malolactic fermentation. Modern filtration and forced carbonation are then used for clarity and flavour. Variation is always desirable as long as it brings the funk.

8 x Sparkling Apple

Modern cider style expressing the fresh aroma and taste of commercial eating apples by minimising oxygen pickup throughout processing, fermentation and blending. Gala adds floral edges and Fuji plump, apple character. Medium to short fermentation with a white wine yeast. Filtered for clarity and flavour.

8 x Sparkling Pear

Modern perry expressing the fresh aroma and taste of special Tasmanian pears by minimising oxygen pickup throughout processing fermentation and blending. Our special blend of pears allows us to create floral and fruity complexity all in a relatively dry to medium style. Medium to short fermentation with a champagne yeast. Filtered for clarity and flavour.


Charges per case are $16 Australia-wide and Mark ships within 3 business days.

Who made it

Fruit type

Apple & Pear

Fruit varietal

Wild contains Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji

Sparkling Apple contains Gala, Fuji, Sundowner

Sparkling Pear contains Buerre Bosc, Winter Cole, Packham, Doyenne du Commice


Wild 6%

Sparkling Apple 4.9%

Sparkling Pear 4.5%


Cold River Valley, TAS


Wild took Bronze in New World Medium Cider 2016, Australian Cider Awards

Style of drinking

Great on their own or with food.

Type of food

All these ciders pair well with food. Fish, cheese and white meats in particular.

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