Mixed Style Cider Pack | Daylesford Cider Sweet & Dry Mixed Pack

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Daylesford Mixed Cider Selection Box

A mixed case of all 5 of Daylesford Cider's range. Sweet, sparkling, dry and still. There is something for everyone in here. A great entry box to try a full range of styles. 

So what's in the box?

Farmhouse Dry

This took Bronze in the Australian Cider Awards 2016 in the Traditional Dry Cider class. A still cider, fermented out to dryness, this cider is full or real cider fruit and finishes with a refreshing crispness.

'Alf n 'Alf 

Another award winner, this cider took Silver in the Australian Cider Awards 2016 in the Traditional Medium Cider class. It's a well rounded cider, with a great balance of astringency, fruitiness and acid. The perfect all rounder.

Sweet Coppin 

Gold medal winner in the Australian Cider Awards 2016 in the Traditional Sweet Cider class. The best example of this style in Australia. Remarkably full in body and rich in flavour, with caramel and buttery notes that are matched with defined acidity. A superb cider. 

Summer Pétillant

Pétillant describes the natural carbonation, which gives a pleasant lift without dominating the palate. A naturally sparkling cider, with the bubbles a by-product of the fermentation. 

Vintage Dry

Beautifully dry, low in sugar yet bursting with flavour. Bottle conditioned with just a light spritz on the tongue. This dry sparkling cider is the newest edition to Daylesford's range of organically grown cider apple ciders.


Ships within 4 days to VIC, NSW, SA and ACT.

Shipping charge of $10 to VIC or $14 to NSW, SA or ACT.

Who made it

Fruit varietal

A blend of heritage cider apples including Browns Apple, Somerset Red Streak, Kingston Black, Bulmers Norman, Stoke Red, Brown Snout, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Michelin, Sweet Alford, Sweet Coppin and Tremletts Bitter. Up to 20 different apple varieties in a bottle!


Vintage Dry 6.3%

'Alf n 'Alf 5.8%

Farmhouse Dry 6.9%

Sweet Coppin 5.3%

Summer Petillant 5.0%


Daylesford, VIC


Preservative and gluten free


Sweet Coppin- Gold in Traditional Sweet Cider class, Australian Cider Awards 2016

Farmhouse Dry- Bronze in Traditional Dry Cider class, Australian Cider Awards 2016

'Alf n 'Alf- Silver in Traditional Medium Cider class, Australian Cider Awards 2016

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