Mixed Cider Pack I Cloudy Apple & Trad Lobo Apple Cider

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    24 pack

Mixed Cider Pack from Lobo

This is a selection of Lobo's flagship products. Delicious, complex apple ciders that hit the spot every time.

So What's In The Box?

12 x Lobo Trad: A True Cloudy Cider

"LOBO Trad, cloudy cider made from a blend of special cider apples and eating apples. Darker in colour than our regular cloudy apple, fuller flavour, a little drier. A bit more traditional - Trad.

Full apple flavours, toffee apple notes, crisp acid, clean finish with structure and a little tannin and a hint of bitterness (in the nicest possible way!)

Like all of our ciders Trad has a natural apple and yeast sediment in the bottle, pour carefully for a clear cider or rouse the bottle, roll gently, some even shake.  The flavour changes - try it and see which you prefer.”

12 x Lobo Cloudy Apple: Oh, so cloudy!

"We don't filter out the apple. This cider is made from crushed apples that are allowed to settle briefly and then begin to ferment. After a period we add some cultured yeast and then continue the long cool fermentation. At the right moment the fermentation is arrested capturing the full length and depth of flavour that characterises LOBO and the cloudy wholesome cider is then put into bottles. A natural apple and yeast sediment is present in the bottle.”


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Who made it

Fruit type


Fruit varietal

Pink Lady blend with cider apple mix including Kingston Black, Dabinett and Yarlington Mill.


Cloudy Apple: 5.7%

Trad 5.9%


Lobethal, SA

Style of drinking

Both of these make great session ciders so get your friends together and put a smile on their faces!

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