Mixed Cider Pack | Cloudy Apple & Honey Cyser Mead

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    24 pack

Mixed Cider Pack from Lobo

This mixed box combines Lobo's flagship Cloudy Apple cider with their Honey Cyser- a honey mead made with apples and spices. A great combo for an extended meal.

So What's In The Box?

12 x Lobo Cyser: Yes, this really is a mead!

A serious, sweet, slightly sparkling drink that will surprise you! Cyser is the old name for a mead made with apple juice. Mead is a traditional alcoholic drink made using fermented honey. Lobo get some honey from a neighbour who keeps bees and blend it with some apple and quince juice to produce the LOBO cyser. There is a secret mix of herbs and spices in the recipe as well.

The result is a quite sweet, slightly sparkling drink that will surprise you. The apple and quince moderate the honey sweetness, and give a rounder flavour. Honey flavours, with some floral and a difficult to identify fruitiness. Delicious "after dinner" cider, but pretty good with ice on a warm afternoon.

12 x Lobo Cloudy Apple: Oh, so cloudy!

"We don't filter out the apple. This cider is made from crushed apples that are allowed to settle briefly and then begin to ferment. After a period we add some cultured yeast and then continue the long cool fermentation. At the right moment the fermentation is arrested capturing the full length and depth of flavour that characterises LOBO and the cloudy wholesome cider is then put into bottles. A natural apple and yeast sediment is present in the bottle.”


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Who made it

Fruit type

Apple & quince

Fruit varietal

Pink Lady


Cloudy Apple: 5.7%

Cyser: 9.3%


Lobethal, SA

Style of drinking

Both of these make great session ciders so get your friends together and put a smile on their faces!

Type of food

Cyser can handle some rich cheeses so don't be shy.

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