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Mixed Cider Pack from Faire Ferments

Not sure which Faire Ferments cider to try first? No dramas, we have made all tough decisions for you so you can kick back and taste them all!

This mixed pack covers all bases - from a light afternoon drink in the sun to a little something to match your cheese platter. 

Why not give this to someone special as a gift? Faire Ferments certainly pull a great look and will make you look good too!

So what is in the box?

8 x Faire Ferments Apple Cider

Made from the Modi apple - developed in Italy and grown in Kyabram, our apple cider is beautifully fragrant. It's lush nose is complimented perfectly by our dry house style. If you're a seasoned lover of Faire Ferments cider this is the one for you.

This single varietal apple cider sets itself apart through floral aromatics which compliment its fresh presence on the palate so well. Made from Modi - an Italian variety of apple which has been co-developed in the Goulburn Valley, it is the first of its kind in Australia and most likely not the last. Given Modi's complex combination of acid and tannin, the cider maker has been able to produce a cider rich in flavour without relying on excessive sugar levels to impart character. Look for a lovely full apple flavour leading to a balanced astringency on the back palate. It is a medium dry cider.

8 x Faire Ferments Pear Cider

Where it all started for Faire Ferments, this pear cider is and always will be made from the highest quality Packham Pears out of Kyabram, Victoria. More mild on the palate, this cider allows you to enjoy the bursting fruit character of our pears without the acidity of apple varieties. Wonderfully floral and perfect for food of the same ilk.

Following our original release this cider is produced from 100% Goulburn Valley Packham Pears. While rich in fresh pear character, it exhibits earthy, floral tones derived from the ferment making it one of the more complex pear ciders on the market. It is lighter in alcohol than other Faire Ferments releases and as such is more delicate. It exhibits less grippiness than apple ciders and achieves a more balanced flavour between natural sweetness and perfumed characteristics of the ferment. Medium dry.

8 x Faire Ferments Orchard Blend

This cider embodies the subtleties of the Modi apple variety as well as the floral and zesty tones of Packham pears. Masterfully blended fruit from across the orchard delivers a product packed with freshness, aroma and long lasting taste.

The Orchard Blend was originally formulated for the keg but its popularity has lead us to bottle it. It represents an annual expression of the best fruit from our growers orchards combined into a sessionable cider. The focus here is balance, to line up acid and sweetness levels just right so you can enjoy two or three at the bar without the sugar overload dished up by many commercial ciders.It is a combination of both apples and pears and will change from year to year depending on what looks best in the lead up to pressing. Medium dry.


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Who made it

Fruit type

Apple & Pear

Fruit varietal

Modi apple; Packham pear


pear 4.5%, others 5.5%


Goulburn Valley, VIC




Bronze in New World Medium Perry (Pear) Bronze in New World Medium Cider (Apple & Orchard Blend), 2015 Australian Cider Awards

Type of food

Apple: Best enjoyed chilled with BBQ, particularly Asian inspired pork dishes Pear & Orchard Blend: Awesome companion to light cheeses and meatboards

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