Mixed Cider Pack | Apple & Pear Mixed Case Spreyton TAS

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Apple & Pear Mixed Case Spreyton

What's in the box?

At The Cider Link we are passionate about helping you navigate the world of cider. Huge part of the fun is the journey itself, the taste of new and wonderful flavours. The excitement which comes with the discovery of a well kept secret is what really gets us going. This cider selection is especially for you - the Cider Adventurer.

A mixed case showcasing 6 different styles of modern and traditional award winning Australian Cider. This case contains three apple ciders, 2 pear ciders and a blend of apples and hops. You get to taste a bit of everything, including the rare but absolutely wonderful combination of apples and hops. Sparkling, bottle fermented, eating fruit, cider fruit, sweet, dry...Booyah! Enjoy.

4 x Bitter Cider with Hops

Made for those that like their flavours big and bold. This Bitter cider is made from handpicked Fuji apples to create a rich bold cider that is enhanced by the addition of Tasmanian Hops to add the refreshing bitter notes that linger on the back palate. An easy drinking cider that goes well with good food and great company. Gently roll the bottle before opening for the full bodied, cloudy cider experience or pour clear, either way Bitter is the better way to go!…. ABV 8%. This cider could be a substitute for a gluten free beer. 

4 x Pear Cider

A delicious fresh pear straight from the tree is one of nature’s true delights, this Pear cider is made to give you the same experience all year round. Made with naturally sweet Tasmanian pears this Pear cider is deliciously crisp and refreshing. Soft pear flavours and well balanced sweetness combine for a true Tasmanian taste sensation. This cider is characterised by unparalleled pear sweetness - the only winner of a "Best in Class" in the Australian Cider Awards.

4 x Apple Cider

Like biting into a sweet tree ripened apple, this award winning Apple Cider is both wonderfully refreshing and moorish! A blend of handpicked, tree ripened Golden Delicious and Jonagold apples go into this refreshing, crisp, cider, made to capture the essence of Tasmania, this Apple cider is ideal for all occasions. Enjoy over ice and savour the flavour of pure Tasmanian apples. Cut back juice is Spreyton's own gold medal award winning "Spreyton Fresh" Apple juice. 

4 x Classic Apple Cider

With tantalising hints of fresh Pink Lady and Sundowner apples this Crisp Dry Cider is a true classic. Made in the traditional style, bottle fermented using Spreyton's own tree ripened apples, Classic is a clean, crisp, medium dry cider, with a light carbonation and fine bead. Gently roll the bottle before opening for a cloudy cider or pour clear over ice for a Classic Tasmanian Cider experience. This cider is a great introduction into bottle fermented (bottle conditioned), traditional ciders. 

4 x Perry

A traditional Perry style made with a blend of Tasmanian pears grown in the beautiful Mersey Valley in Tasmania, with a touch of Gala apples thrown in. Bottle fermented and conditioned, this Perry is refreshingly crisp and dry with a light carbonation and fine bead. The hints of sweetness and subtle pear flavour make Perry a wonderful accompaniment to any meal. Enjoy clear or gently roll the bottle before opening for added yeast complexity, either way Perry is a wonderfully sophisticated Pear cider experience. Those who try it are often surprised by the delicate pear flavour and subtle sweetness of a traditional perry made from eating pears. 

4 x Vintage Cider

Made using 100% Heritage cider varieties from Spreyton's own orchards, the Vintage is made to reflect the best of the year’s vintage. Cider apples have been selected over time for their superior cider making characteristics. The Vintage is a connoisseur’s delight with rich traditional cider flavours, bottle fermented to deliver a fine bead and a delicate mousse, the Vintage will improve with age. Gently roll the bottle before opening for a cloudy cider or pour clear, on ice or straight up. Whichever your preference Vintage is certain to provide a true Tasmanian Heritage experience. This cider is a constant over-achiever in the Australian Cider Awards. It is a great representation of traditional cider apples applied to traditional cider making techniques. The result is magical!


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Shipping charges are $12 for TAS and $20 for all other states for a pack of 24

Who made it

Fruit type

Apple, Pear and Hops

Fruit varietal

Apples: Pink Lady, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Royal Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious

Cider apples: Gravenstein, Sturmer Pippin, Cox's Orange Pippin, Bulmers Norman, Yarlington Mill, Somerset Red Streak and Frequin Rouge

Pears: Beurre Bosc and Packham

Tasmanian hops incl. Galaxy and Super Pride


Apple Cider 5%, Pear Cider 5%, Classic Cider 7.5%, Pear Perry 7.%, Vintage Cider 7.5%, Bitter Cider 8%


Spreyton, TAS


Gluten free. Contains sulphites


Bronze, Australian Cider Awards in: New World Sweet, New World Dry, Traditional Dry & Experimental Dry

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