Mixed Cider Pack I Cyser & Trad Lobo Apple Cider

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    24 pack

Mixed Cider Pack from Lobo

This selection pack combines a traditional cider with a Cyser, a honey mead made with apples. 

So What's In The Box?

12 x Lobo Cyser: Yes, this really is a mead!

A serious, sweet, slightly sparkling drink that will surprise you! Cyser is the old name for a mead made with apple juice. Mead is a traditional alcoholic drink made using fermented honey. Lobo get some honey from a neighbour who keeps bees and blend it with some apple and quince juice to produce the LOBO cyser. There is a secret mix of herbs and spices in the recipe as well.

The result is a quite sweet, slightly sparkling drink that will surprise you. The apple and quince moderate the honey sweetness, and give a rounder flavour. Honey flavours, with some floral and a difficult to identify fruitiness. Delicious "after dinner" cider, but pretty good with ice on a warm afternoon.

12 x Lobo Trad: A true cloudy cider

"LOBO Trad, cloudy cider made from a blend of special cider apples and eating apples. Darker in colour than our regular cloudy apple, fuller flavour, a little drier. A bit more traditional - Trad.

Full apple flavours, toffee apple notes, crisp acid, clean finish with structure and a little tannin and a hint of bitterness (in the nicest possible way!)

Like all of our ciders Trad has a natural apple and yeast sediment in the bottle, pour carefully for a clear cider or rouse the bottle, roll gently, some even shake.  The flavour changes - try it and see which you prefer.”


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Who made it

Fruit type

Apple & quince

Fruit varietal

Trad: Pink Lady blend with cider apple mix including Kingston Black, Dabinett and Yarlington Mill

Cyser: Pink Lady & quince


Trad:  5.9%

Cyser: 5.3%


Lobethal, SA


Trad has a Silver in Traditional Medium Cider 2015, Australian Cider Awards

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