Borry Gartrell
from Borrodell Vineyard, Australia

Why Borrodell?

Apples, apples and more apples! This family loves apples. So much that they have over 175 different varieties growing in their orchard. Just think about that for a second. That's a lot of apples. It's quite amazing and Borry the Grower sees growing as an art form. The experience and expertise he has in growing fruit is second to none and the rich variety he grows includes cider apple varieties. This makes for delicious cider, they're not called cider apples for nothing! A very fine cider that has won the top awards in the country, this is the real deal.

Listen on the go - Interview with Gaye Stuart-Nairne

Nathaniel: Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and where you come from?

Gaye: Look, the story really is about Borry. His family have been growing apples in Orange for a couple of generations, have been farming in Orange for about four generations. And his grandson works here with us, and that's going to make about six generations, you know? So, it's a longstanding fruit production family. So, that's a good thing. He's now 72, he bought this property when he was 20, because he could see the original family orchard was going to be gobbled up by the growth in Orange, so he decided to buy some land out here on Mount Canobolas and planted it out to apples in that time. So, some of the apples have gone, we don't do any commercial apple production anymore, we just have the interesting stuff, and we've planted grapes as well. So, we've gone from direct marketing to people that come here one way or another to stay or come to our restaurant or our cellar door to buy both apple cider and wine, and wandering amongst our very interesting apple trees.

Nathaniel: So, what was the inspiration to make cider?

Gaye: I'm not sure. Look, it's just, we have the apples here, we'd always been interested in these obscure apples and what they can do, and a lot of them are obscure apples that aren't meant for cider, so we've been doing wine. So, yeah, it all just seemed to fit perfectly well. At the moment, we are now in the process of developing a range of actual Perry from pears. There are Perry pears, not just the name of a broad spectrum, anything produced from any pear, but there's an actual Perry pear. So, we've got a range of those under construction at the moment too.

Nathaniel: Okay. Sounds great.

Gaye: Yeah. It's just a fascination with things that are different and unusual and interesting.

Nathaniel: Yes, and my next question was going to be what is different or unique about what you do, and I think you've kind of touched on it there.

Gaye: I've covered it, yeah. Look, the growing side of things, Borry spells "grower" with a capital "G". He believes that it's really an art form, and he's a dedicated grower.

Nathaniel: And you've got 175 different types of apple to choose from.

Gaye: Yeah. Why wouldn't you make cider?

Nathaniel: Yeah, exactly. So, how do you say the cider is best enjoyed?

Gaye: Nice and cold with good friends on a hot summer day. Can't be better.

Nathaniel: Yeah, sounds good. And then, my final question, what does the future hold for you?

Gaye: Look, expansion on every front. We are looking at developing a larger range of ciders, we're looking at the Perry pears, we're looking at different styles, so we will expand from this initial successful beginning.

Nathaniel: Great. Sounds good, we look forward to working with you on it.

Apple - Lady on the Snows apple tree at Borrodell

Apple - 'Lady on the Snow' apple tree at Borrodell

Apples in the snow

Apples in the snow

Apple tree covered in snow

Apple tree covered in snow

Borry and Gaye

Borry and Gaye, the people behind Borrodell

Borrodell Cider

Borrodell Cider

Borry planting apples

Borry planting apples

Borrodell Vineyard - Orange

Borrodell Vineyard - Orange

Lounge room in the Cider Suites

Lounge room in the Cider Suites - Borrodell Vineyard Estate in Orange

The wood fire in the Cider Suites

The wood fire in the Cider Suites - Borrodell Vineyard Estate in Orange

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