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Real Cider Reviews, an Interview with Hugh McKellar


“I started off with pretty cheap and nasty stuff and I ventured deeper into the more obscure drinks since then.” Hugh from Real Cider Reviews




Hugh McKellar, the man behind Real Cider Reviews, has been reviewing ciders for the last two years and so knows a bit about what’s happening in the cider market in Australia! A self confessed cider geek with a passion for learning as much as possible about cider and sharing that knowledge with others, he built his website as a practice project and two years later he’s reviewed over one hundred different ciders from across the world. is a goldmine of useful information and independent, objective reviews on the ciders that are available on the market in Australia. It is the go-to place if you want to learn more about how different cider styles compare or to read about a cider before you buy.

We cover lots of things in this interview, including:

  • What is a real cider?
  • Labelling laws and the lack of information available to cider drinkers
  • Why adding in weird additives is not needed to make new and interesting ciders
  • The three different types of cider makers in Australia
  • How to approach cider reviews
  • Flavour profiles: tannins vs acidity vs sugar
  • Why you shouldn’t fear cloudy cider
  • The trends that are happening in the cider market
  • Useful resources for people who want to learn more about cider

And much more.



Links from the interview:

Hugh’s site: Real Cider Reviews

Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw: World’s Best Ciders- Taste, Tradition and Terroir.

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Full transcription follows:

Nathaniel: Hi, Hugh. Thanks for joining us.

Hugh: Hi, how are you doing?

Nathaniel: Now, there’s going to be some people in the audience who are aware of you and what you’re doing, there’s going to be some who aren’t, so I thought as a start it’d be good if you could just give us a bit of an introduction as to your background.

Hugh: Okay. So, I am the creator and writer and general dogsbody of, an Australian website dedicated to reviewing mainly Australian craft cider but educating people about cider from all around the world.

Nathaniel: And how long’s that been going?

Hugh: It’s been going just over two years now.

Nathaniel: And so, you’re an Aussie guy, and craft cider is still quite an emerging market here. How did you get into craft cider? What got you going in the industry?Check the full transcript of this interview

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Nathaniel is a cider enthusiast, co-founder of The Cider Link and all-round lover of life