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Cider making and more, Warwick Billings from Lobo

“I’ve been into cider in one way or another since I was probably about eight….. and I love it!”

Warwick knows his stuff, as you would if you’d been making cider for decades! Warwick once won CAMRA’s best cider award in the UK, and that was when he was just a teenager. Yes, this guy is the real deal and an expert at cider making. He makes some of the best apple cider that we’ve found in Australia and his Perry, alcoholic pear cider, is on another level.

Born and bred in Somerset, one of the homes of cider in England, Warwick was immersed in the industry from a very young age. He has a wealth of knowledge about the history of cider making and the culture behind it and he makes a whole range of cider drinks, including some top notch dry cider.

Warwick came to Australia to learn about wine making so he could return to England to make better cider. He loved it so much here that he never left! He’s the Vice President of Cider Australia and one of the most experienced cider makers in the industry.

In this conversation we touch on all sorts of things, including:

  • UK cider culture
  • Australian cider history
  • What makes a good apple
  • How wine making science relates to cider making
  • Matching cider with food
  • The art of Perry making
  • Where to find good ciders in Australia

and a few things in between.


Full transcription follows:

Nathaniel: Thank you very much for joining us again Warwick for this interview, I really appreciate you taking some time out. Now, some of our listeners are going to be people who are novices to the cider world, there’s going to be people who probably know quite a bit about cider, there are probably people who are making cider and there’s probably going to be some people who are thinking about making some cider, so the audience is quite diverse. So, with that in mind, can you just give us a short intro into who you are and your background?

Warwick: Okay. So, my name is Warwick, Warwick Billings. I’m the cider maker and part-owner of Lobo Cider in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. I have a few other day jobs as well, part of which involves wine making, but I began as a cider maker in Somerset in England quite a long time ago. Essentially, I grew up in Somerset and Somerset is one of the heartlands of cider. So, I’ve been into cider in one way or another since I was probably about eight, and you could say it’s a fairly deep love and here I am in Adelaide Hills making cider again and I love it!

Nathaniel: Great. And I’m keen to explore a little bit more about your experience of growing up in Somerset, because I’m also from the UK obviously, from the neighbouring county actually, and cider’s quite a big part of life there, really, and culture, and there’s a lot of history that comes with that. So, from your perspective, what was that like, growing up in the cider county of England?

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Nathaniel is a cider enthusiast, co-founder of The Cider Link and all-round lover of life